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Happy Mother's Day!

Posted 9 months ago by Thais Forbes

About Us - Who Can Become a TBAPNC Member?

These are exciting times for the profession of advanced practice nursing.  TBAPNC provides excellent opportunities for promotion of professional development for all advanced practice nurses: nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified nurse anesthetists and clinical nurse specialists. 

Membership is growing along with an increased number of opportunities both for TBAPNC events as well as frequent website and TBAPNC Facebook updates of interest to our membership (e.g. free CE events such as the PainWeekend Conference May 20-21, PCE Symposia June 10 and NACE Primary Care June 24). 

TBAPNC also offers RNs enrolled in advanced practice nursing programs the opportunity to join at a low student rate, providing a forum for exchange and mentoring between student nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses.

While we enjoy professional collaboration and collegial relationships with healthcare professionals in many fields including PAs, MDs, DOs, NDs and PharmDs, TBAPNC is a professional association solely for ADVANCED PRACTICE NURSES (full members) and registered nurses who are APN STUDENTS enrolled in an academic program leading to an advanced practice role with an eligiblity limit (student member) of four years.

If you have an APN colleague who is interested in joining TBAPNC, or perhaps an APN student you are precepting, consider the gift of TBAPNC Membership and Happy Mothers' Day!