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Nominations for Board Positions

Posted 5 months ago by Terri Massaro

Hope everyone is safe and sound after Irma came our way.  Due to the storm and cancelled meetings the Board felt we should extend the time for call for nominations for the upcoming election.  Just to remind everyone, the open positions for this upcoming elections are as follows:  Vice President, Treasurer, and Managing Director.  We are extending the time for one week until 9/25/2017.  Please submit any nominations to me directly at terrimassaro@yahoo.com.   A short biography of candidates that are running will be posted on our Web site by October 1, 2017.   Voting by  electronic ballot on Survey Monkey  via TBAPNC website will be from October 15- November 5, 2017.  Announcement of the final ballot count for each positon will be declared at the general membership at the November meeting.