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New Speakers' Bureau opportunities

Posted over 1 year ago by Thais Forbes

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge as a healthcare provider with the media for local consumers?

Representing the advanced practice nursing profession as the patient advocates, educators and expert clinicians we are?

Is so, please use the "contact us" link here on the webpage to the left.  Include your name, credential, contact phone and email address, area(s) of expertise,  years of practice, current practice location.

Also, for those members who already volunteered via the survey monkey member survey earlier this year, we are  still missing responses (completed contact info and subject area expertise info etc.) from several members.

It is not too late to be included.  Please complete your contact info and area of expertise info now via the "contact us" form on the website .  Our Social Media Director Erika Hall is working to get the first list of speaker volunteers completed.  She is also preparing a letter to local media outlets letting them know about our health experts who can be available at a moment's note for a quick comment or with notice for a prepared interview.

Remember this is a VERY important time for the advanced practice nursing profession in Florida. and the TBAPNC is starting this Speakers' Bureau to make the expertise of our advanced practice nurse membership more visible and accessible to healthcare consumers in Tampa Bay.

You can also provide this information in person if you are attending one of the regular North or South Tampa membership meetings, thank you!


Sandy Oestreich about 1 year ago

KUDOS on this movement you've created, a Spkrs Bureau! Kudos, always!

As probably the oldest among you (I am 84 y/o Today, July 14), you may already know this is my 18th nonstop year, 18/7 but now 12/7, as your lobbyist for the Equal Rights Amendment which simply makes Sex Discrimination of all sorts a Violation of US Constitution. Tho it benefits males as well, most agree that women and girls take the brunt of that.
Have been lobbying hard before FL legislature and 5 other ratification-filing states AND shepherding co-sponsors to Our Own co-created Equal Rights Amendment-facilitating US Congressional bills.

As males do benefit from equal treatment this provides, and that Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are mostly female, do you think that all might like to know that these bounds will be erased and that our GDP is also economist-predicted to climb by 15% similar to outcomes in the other nations already codifying like wording?

I'd like to convey this to all attending. What do you think?

Am asking for time to speak briefly on the amazing progress of this Amendment over the past 12 months despite a nearly 40 year hiatus when NO ratifications were achieved. That means that ONLY ONE MORE state ratification completes the path to the US Constitution! 5 states are vying for that honor now!

All opposition is of The Other Party who needlessly worries that this Amendment's intro clause mentions a time limit though that is not a votable, authoritative cause. We are ready for partisan pushback altho this covers every American's right to equal treatment. Our Constitutional law team is Ready. Bring it on, we say.

Please let me know at sandyo@passERA.org Check us out via our new site still evolving after GoDaddy crashed our more polished 14 page site, www.2passERA.org. Here's some of my bio, pick what you want of it.

Thanks for considering that the Equal Rights Amendment will be most helpful to the respect and dignity of all Nurses and can promote its professional image we all deserve. SandyO@passERA.org We are a grassroots organization, beholden to no one, non-partisan, nonsexist--we work hard for ALL Americans, nonprofit as you can see at www.2passERA.org. PS See respected survey done 2016 showing that 94% of Americans of all Parties, all sexes, all religions, ethnicities and everywhere in USA heartily agree that Equal Rights Amendment needs to be passed into US Constitution. Shameful that it is even needed, we say.

Sandy Oestreich, founder-president of National Equal Rights Amendment Alliance
Prof. Emerita, Adelphi U., NY
Fmr. elected official
Co-author, internationally distributed pharmacology reference texts
Nationally certified Nurse Practitioner of 35 years; and Clinical Nurse Specialist
Member, 3 Nurse Practitioner professional organizations
Headed a Free Clinic for Seniors; worked for a NY City Hospital clinic
Brought lawsuit w/ACLU Atty. Marcia Cohen (and won) vs a local Florida Hospital located on County land for actions that abrogated 1st Amendment Church and State separation. One of only two such successful actions in USA.
Biographied in Feminists Who Changed America
Nat'l ERA Alliance, Inc, is a Lead Organization of the nat'l ERA Coalition,
Member, national ERA Action
Member, Vision2020, Advisory Board-for women's empowerment
2016 Nominee, "WOMEN'S SUMMIT", DC
2015 Finalist, St Petersburg FL "Best Nonprofit Business"
2014 Recipient, AAUW/FL "Woman of Distinction"
2012 Recipient, County LWVoters Susan B. Anthony "Failure is Impossible" award
Previously, Women's Rights Chair, Pinellas County, FL ACLU
Wife and mom
www.2PassERA.org (renovation nearly complete--Go See!) SandyO@PassERA.org
Fbk: Pass the Equal Rights Amendment Twitter: @SandyO

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