Tampa Bay Advanced Practice Nurses Council

Additional Dinner Presentation Opportunity for our North Tampa Members

Posted 12 months ago by Sheila Aquino

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Everyone is welcome. Please RSVP directly to the rep, Vanessa Alicea at (850) 803-8339 or email her at VALICE01@amgen.com. We would like to fill all 50 seats for this one at Sacred Pepper.

This is an additional educational opportunity for our  North Tampa members, no business meeting is scheduled. Registration and networking starts at 6:30pm. The program will start at 7pm.

*** Please remember our official November meeting is on Tuesday, 11/27/18.  We are expecting a full house and we have 53 on the waitlist!  I do not want to see an empty seat on this meeting.  So I am requesting everyone who are registered  to make sure you come, in case you are unable to come, please cancel as soon as possible, so your seat will be offered to the ones on the wait list.  For those of you on the wait list, please watch your emails and if offerred a seat, accept or claim your seat immediately. If you have questions, you can send me a message on the website  or text me,  Sheila Aquino at 727-641-6978.