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Keeping TBAPNC Members Informed and Up to Date

Posted 8 months ago by Thais Forbes

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Here is the video link to the Florida House Health Care Quality Subcommittee panel that took place Wednesday Feb 13, 2019. in which two APRNs -- Tay Koponos, DNP, AANP VP Health Policy and CRNA Juan Quintana DNP--provided expert statements and research evidence in support of full practice for APRNs in Florida. 

The House panel members also heard statements from two physicians (an anesthesiologist from Tallahassee and an internist from Pensacola) who said they represented physician groups not in support of removing physician supervisory requirements for APRNs in Florida. 

Please be aware that about the first hour of the panel video is about telehealth.  The section about APRN practice is second and documents what the panel heard and their questions of the APRNs and physicians who were addressing them.

Thanks to Dr. Tay Koponos and Dr. Juan Quintana for their articulate presentations on behalf of APRNs working to improve healthcare access for all Floridiians!

Attached is an article published today in South Florida in the Sun Sentinel about this issue (courtesy of our colleague Vicky Stone-Gale with the South Florida).