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Happy Friday and Reflections on being a APRN-NP

Posted 13 days ago by Cindy Parsons

As our annual NP week comes to a close let's all take a few moments to reflect. Reflect on where you are individually in your profession and the path that brought you here. Each of us has had our own journey and ups and downs and occasional forks in the road but we persevered. Now let's reflect on where we are collectively both in the state of Florida and as a profession nationally. None of us would be where we are today if not for the courageous souls who forged the path to advanced practice- Thank you Loretta Ford and the many other NP leaders who had a vision of autonomous and collaborative advanced practice nursing. Finally, thank the leaders of your local, state, and national professional organizations for the tireless efforts and hours of time they commit to advocacy for advanced practice nursing. 
Thank you for your service and commitment to the health of Americans. 
Happy NP Week
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Margaret Mead – American Cultural Anthropologist