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Title Change Effective Oct 1 2018 APRN

Posted about 1 year ago by Thais Forbes

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This change applies to all advanced practice nurses and clinical nurse specialists licensed in Florida.

Please read the attached notes taken at the Board of Nursing meeting by fellow advanced practice nurses Vicky Stone-GaleĀ and Jean Aertker.

Thank you to Vicky and Jean for sharing this information with the TBAPNC Members!


Kim Curry about 1 year ago

The board seems to be confusing nurse practitioners, currently known as ARNPs, with APRN, the new umbrella title. See #1, #5 and #8. This is concerning. I think it is going to be up to us ARNPs (soon to be CNPs) to work with our CNS colleagues and provide communication and correct messaging to consumers and other providers.

Stasha-Gae Roberts about 1 year ago

I agree they did confuse the two terms. So what should our new titles say APRN-CNP?

Sandy Oestreich 12 months ago

Guess we'll hear how this all works on 10 18?

Sandy Oestreich 12 months ago

I didn't add the "x Remove" comment above. Odd:

" Sandy Oestreich less than a minute ago - x Remove"

Guess we'll hear how this all works on 10 18?

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