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MEMBERSHIP FEE DISCOUNT Starting April 1, 2021

Posted about 2 months ago by Patricia Delgado

Greetings all members of the Tampa Bay Advanced Practice Nurses' Council!

As the 2021 newly-elected Membership Director, I am eager to announce on behalf of the Board that starting tomorrow (April 1, 2021), all APRN membership renewals and new member fees will be discounted to $40 and student membership fees will be discounted to $30.

The discount will be in place for one full year. 

The Board has committed to this decision to offset the hit that many of us have taken due to the turmoil and uncertainty of COVID-19 and to help keep us moving forward as an organization. Although it seems we are seeing the beginning of the end of the pandemic, we want to show our appreciation for our renewing members and give a warm welcome to those nurse practitioners and students joining us for the first time after such a trying year. 

This is our expression of thanks to our renewing APRN members and student members, and all those joining us for the coming year. We are all in this together, and we are looking forward to being able to see everyone in person soon to show our gratitude for your dedication to the APRN profession.

With gratitude,

Patricia M. Delgado, DNP, APRN, DCNP

Membership Director


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